Florida State Symbols

    Florida State Symbols
    State Animal Florida panther
    State Anthem Florida, Where The Sawgrass Meets The Sky
    State Beverage Orange juice
    State Bird Northern mockingbird
    State Butterfly Zebra longwing
    State Flag State Flag of Florida
    State Flower Orange blossom
    State Freshwater Fish Florida largemouth bass
    State Gem Moonstone
    State Marine Mammal Manatee (sea cow)
    State Motto In God We Trust
    State Play Cross and Sword
    State Reptile American alligator
    State Saltwater Fish Sailfish
    State Saltwater Mammal Porpoise or dolphin
    State Seal State seal of Florida
    State Shell Horse conch
    State Soil Myakka fine sand
    State Song Old Folks at Home
    State Stone Agatized coral
    State Tree Sabal palm
    State Wildflower Coreopsis

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